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Pasta - Classic Lasagna

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Make this classic lasagna recipe zestier by using hot Italian sausage or a little milder with regular Italian sausage. Don't be scared off by the long cooking time. The wait is well worth it. It's a great dish to make for a crowd and easy to adjust for varying tastes. The leftovers are even better when reheated the next day.

Traditional Powder Room

Traditional Powder Room - Calgary

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Corbel S Make Great Shelves (Toronto)

Corbel S Make Great Shelves Traditional Hall Toronto

Salad - Chloes Quick Fruit Salad

By varying the fruit a bit, this salad can work for all seasons. Passion fruit make a great addition if they are available. In the summer, add lots of fresh berries and melons. In the winter, try adding dried cranberries or apricots. Fresh juice adds a bit of bite and also keeps the fruit from turning if you are making this ahead.